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A Circular Economy


About Modiplast

Modiplast was established in 1994 by Eliezer Szpector, who has extensive experience in the field of plastics and packaging. Yariv Szpector, Eliezer's son, an agronomist and packaging expert, joined Modiplast in 2005 and since then they have been together, father and son.

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Pieces of Shredded Rubber

What is this "Circular Economy" we keep talking about?

We can define the Circular Economy , as the aim to circulate carbon , endlessly , within the economy.

It should help mankind to stop using fossil Carbon – the main cause of Climate Change.

Whether such carbon is present in the products we consume, or the energy we need to produce those products.

In order to achieve such a comprehensive goal, we must look to the materials our products were made of and make sure they do not contain any new fossil carbon.

We also, would want that the products we consume, find their way back into the economy. Be it as recycled products, or as compost - a soil nutrient, which is the result of biologically recycling organic matter.

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